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Laminate Wooden Flooring

Laminate Wooden Flooring from Ahead Home Products offers authentic wood visuals, delivering a wide range of looks, colours also having an aesthetic appeal, this flooring product offers the benefit of having the lowest maintenance requirement of any floor on the market. Our 12 mm laminate features with unsurpassed scratch, scuff and dent resistance with a built in rubber underlay minimising your cost and Partial insulation for your home. As for how realistic it looks as opposed to actual wood floors, no laminate can truly give you the look and character of real hardwoods. By nature of the manufacturing process, the laminate floors tend to have a “flat” appearance and a sheen to them.

That being said, in appearance Ahead Home Products offers one of the better laminate flooring systems made to look like hardwoods, With an ac3 rating which is suitable for residential use with heavy traffic but they are also suitable for commercial settings with moderate traffic. Our laminate flooring will work well in any area of your home as well as in commercial settings like hotel rooms or offices.